About Us​

DataWave is a proud member of the Edge Evolve Group, a conglomerate committed to driving innovation and transformation across various industries. As a subsidiary of Edge Evolve, we benefit from a rich legacy of expertise and a shared vision for harnessing the power of data to propel businesses forward.

Our Connection to Edge Evolve:
Being a part of the Edge Evolve Group provides us with a unique advantage. We have access to a vast network of industry leaders, cutting-edge technologies, and a collaborative ecosystem that amplifies our capabilities and enhances our service offerings.

Our Synergy:
Our collaboration with Edge Evolve synergizes our efforts, enabling us to create comprehensive data solutions that seamlessly integrate into broader business strategies. This synergy allows us to deliver holistic insights and transformative solutions that drive our clients’ success.

Our Shared Values:
At DataWave, we uphold the same values that define the Edge Evolve Group – innovation, excellence, and customer-centricity. These shared values guide our approach as we strive to deliver superior data analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Our Mission

We combine passion, experience, intellect and technology to:

  • Bring together the best data people in the industry
  • Follow the best of breed methodologies and approaches
  • Continuously evaluate and use the latest technologies available
  • Focus on innovation to craft the best solutions for the needs of the marketplace

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide uniquely crafted technological solutions for the marketplace.

Why Choose Us

At DataWave, we offer comprehensive data analytics and business intelligence solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.