POPIA Act and how it affects your business

Why should you take note?

All Businesses must Comply

  • You are 100% Liable
  • You are by default the Information Officer
  • You must provide Evidential Proof
  • You must implement viable measures
  • You can be fined up to R10 Million
  • You can even go to Jail

How DataWave can help you!

We kickstart your journey to compliance with a GAP analysis and an AS-IS Status Report.

Based on the findings we can develop and implement the following elements:

  • a POPI to Practice framework to support the journey to your compliance
  • a customised POPI program to address your specific needs
  • the roles and responsibilities with regards to the conditions of the POPI Act
  • a clear understanding of your Consent Management landscape and legal requirements
  • guidance with the appointment of your Information Officer and POPI Act task team
  • Technology driven solutions for quality control of your Personal Information (PI) and relevant security policies
  • POPI Act compliant Document and Records Management Processes and Systems
  • POPI Act compliant ISO Level 1-4 Document Control Procedures
  • POPI Act workshops and employee awareness sessions
  • POPI Act onsite and online training options

Let us help you on this journey!