Data privacy and compliance with Talend

POPIA Act and how it affects your business

Maintain data agility and accelerate time to compliance with POPIA, and other data security and privacy regulations

Why should you take note?

All Businesses must Comply

  • You are 100% Liable
  • You are by default the Information Officer
  • You must provide Evidential Proof
  • You must implement viable measures
  • You can be fined up to R10 Million
  • You can even go to Jail

Create a data inventory automatically

Collect data from everywhere: legacy systems, shadow IT, CRM systems, device sensors, digital apps, social networks, and more. Talend captures and maps critical data elements across disparate datasets, and then tracks and traces where they came from and how they have been used.

Take the pain out of rules and workflows

Design and launch data controls all along your data pipelines. Anonymize or pseudonymize with data masking, ensure data quality with ML-aided automation, user tips, and self-service apps, and foster accountability across teams with data stewardship. With Talend, your organization will be ready for POPIA with established processes and control for any persona

Make it easier to manage consent

Manage opt-in consent across customer-facing applications and establish the right to be forgotten, right of accessibility, and right of rectification for all your users. Unlock data portability in compliance with HIPAA, making it possible to share access to the people whose information you will be processing.