DataWave is committed to enabling our clients’ success. We assist clients in increasing business agility and achieving high performance by basing business decisions on trusted data. Our data and information management services include the following:

Data Architecture
Manage your organisation’s data in an efficient and cost effective manner throughout its lifespan. Data architecture is a critical for developing and implementing governance that is in line with a data strategy. It also guides data management activities, including data warehousing and reporting.

 Data Governance & Stewardship
Enable data management champions to facilitate organisational buy-in and adherence to sound data management principles. Advantages of data governance and stewardship include faster access to information and heightened efficiency within a business.

Data Quality
Maintain the accuracy and consistency of data by continuously improving data quality programmes. Benefits include reduced operating and marketing costs, as well as improved cross-selling, up-selling, regulation and compliance.

Data Security
Safeguard your data and minimise unauthorised access to valuable information. With the rise of BYOD, for example, data security allows organisations to prevent data losses, leakages and other compromising occurrences.

 Data Structure

Define data to effectively support business processes. Data structure is the basis of data all data management activities.

Master Data Management

Ensure access to consistent data across your organisation and partner networks to improve operational efficiency, improve decision-making and ensure regulatory compliance.

Metadata Management

Define standard data descriptions and definitions to maintain consistency, clarity of relationships and information about the origins of data to support high performance.

 Business Intelligence & Warehousing
Gain powerful business insights by analysing and reporting on data. A data warehouse dramatically improves access to information within an organisation, while business intelligence leads to cost reduction, enhanced revenue and cash flow acceleration.

Data Integration

Facilitate easy integration and exchange of essential data, while minimising inconsistent and redundant data. 
Project Management

Save time and money through the services of DataWave’s certified project managers, who ensure your data management project is delivered on time and within budget.